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Vidimation Video Productions

Based out of Portland, Oregon

Factors in today's business environment include social media, a website, and face to face interactions. Effective video ties it all together.

Vidimation's business and marketing background factors into the video production process. It is more than just picking up a camera and shooting. Need help. Contact Us by phone or email.

Vidimation was established in 2005 by Sam Lockiln. View his profile at

  1. Vidimation - What We Do

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    Refining Reality/Delivering Results

  2. 1973 Custom Plymouth 'Cuda

    Customizing a Plymouth ‘Cuda is considered taboo by many Chrysler purists because you simply don’t mess with one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time. We decided on this featured ‘Cuda not only because the car was done right but the owner is an interesting guy with a free spirit. It is about the car but it could never have been done without the owner’s vision.

    American muscle cars are made to do burnouts and this one is no exception. We always leave it to the owner’s discretion as to how hard they want to drive their car for the video. Regan could not resist and had to show it off with a couple of burnouts. For some reason, we were always running behind the ‘Cuda.

    Some custom cars look great but some look like something that went all wrong. It’s hard to imagine improving on a ‘Cuda but this one is a top notch custom Mopar with a dedicated owner of over 30 years that absolutely has a passion for as he states is that it is the best body style ever made. We agree.

    Enjoy the Ride,
    ‘Cuda Brothers
    Preserving the Barracuda Legend

    Produced by Vidimation

  3. King City Police Levy

    This video demonstrates the benefits of the continuing Police Levy approved by the citizens of King City, Oregon and is utilized on the cities website

    Delivering Results - Refining Reality

  4. Cyclocross Bicycle Race at Portland International Raceway

    Cyclocross involves dirt, mud, hurdles, falling, getting back up, running with a bike on your back, and sometimes riding the bike. Mike Manning from CycleOne wanted to show the camaraderie of his team while also recognizing their dedication to the effort during the races.

    This event was shot with one camera by Sam Locklin using a Panasonic HVX200 and a tripod on occasion. The challenge from a production standpoint was, keeping the load light, getting around quickly, setting up the next shot before the racers went flying by, capturing the entire team and everything going on. The use of a raised podium at the start made for some nice angles at the start of the race.

    Delivering Results - Refining Reality
    Produced by

  5. Hillsboro Firefighters Random Acts of Kindness Fund Raiser Presentation

    Hillsboro Firefighters Random Acts of Kindness is a non-profit organization devoted to filling the gap for people in need that other services can't fill. It was heartbreaking to see people devastated by fires who had no where to go for help. This 5 minute version was produced as a fund raiser for the Fire Department. The firefighters running the program felt it was an easier way to present to groups vs. having to give a speech.

    Delivering Results - Refining Reality

  6. Mopar Nationals Super Pro Winning Race

    The winning car at the Mopar Nationals in the Super Pro category was a 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda. Watch the tremendous burnout and start of the winning run. 'Cuda Brothers attended the Mopar Nationals at Woodburn Dragstrip on July 21, 2013 and have never seen so many Barracudas in one place at the same time. They entered the car show with two of their 'Cudas, took tons of pictures, met up with friends, and shot video of the drag races. Great day, great fun, great event.

    Enjoy the Ride,
    'Cuda Brothers
    Preserving the Barracuda Legend

    Produced by