May 15


Media Productions

Evolving Over Time

Vidimation was established in 2005 as a video production company focusing on business related media projects. Vidimation has become very diverse over the years working with several types of industries and produced videos for large corporations to individual entrepreneurs. The company has evolved over time and is currently going through some changes.

A New Kind of Company

My apologies for possibly the most basic website in the world. We are going through some big changes including a new business name that closer reflects the business as it stands today. It will eventually be redirected to a new website which is in the design stages right now. The previous Vidimation website did not accurately reflect the company which is why the updates. Vidimation is confident that we can continue to meet the demands of different businesses and projects.

All the Best,
Sam Locklin - Producer

Additional Information

Until the new website is online, you can get more information from the following links.

Contact Information

Sam Locklin Profile